There is one aspect of my job I have a love/hate relationship with.

Enter: ghostwriting!

What does that mean?

Frequently, the projects I work on are a *behind-the-scenes* nobody-knows-you-are-writing-this type of agreement.

That is the world of ghostwriting. 👻 The literary Casper if you like.

Always there, but never seen! Hitting keyboard keys, and writing the pieces, but no credit.

This means, as much as I would like to, I cannot shout from the rooftops about that time I worked with “x” company or talk about my glorious piece of copy for “x” brand. 🤫

But here are some my of amazing clients, I can actually brag about!


Projects I’ve Worked On.

This website copy was used to inform the updated online image of an interior design and furniture business. Includes: about page, contact, services and home page copy.

Website: set.gr

The following writing samples are from the client Marketing Agency.com. Together we worked on a biweekly (and sometimes more frequent) newsletter, covering marketing and industry news.

Website: MarketingAgency.com

Definitely Greece is a boutique travel agency and tour organizer. My role as a content writer was to write captivating articles on travel and manage the website as a whole. Moreover, I designed and implemented social media strategies to align with business goals while meeting clients and arranging trips.

Website: definitelygreece.com

Here are a few of the over 80+ blogs I wrote on the website, in addition to newsletter copy, social media copy and more.

Empathary is all about leadership and communication skills. My work included crafting engaging, newsletters to educate subscribers on a matter of issues concerning leadership skills, communication, motivation and accountability.

Website: empathary.com

Various Samples

Here you will find various work samples for social media copy work.

Clients include skincare, beauty, and holistic health. Real estate, travel, tourism, and hospitality. You will also find construction and renovation-related posts, roofing, and more.

Some of my clients